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As follows are the answers to frequently asked questions about upcoming repairs, upgrades, and other changes at Harlem River Houses and Harlem River II. If you have any concerns or additional questions, please contact us at [email protected], call (212) 862-1399 ext. 2719.

I’ve been seeing and hearing construction workers around Harlem River Houses and Harlem River II. What’s going on?
Some of the construction personnel are part of Harlem River Preservation LLC, which is a non-profit-led housing developer selected by NYCHA to manage, repair, and upgrade Harlem River Houses and Harlem River II. NYCHA will continue to manage the buildings until summer 2021, so you may also see NYCHA staff or NYCHA contractors performing normal repair work.

Harlem River Preservation LLC has been working closely with the Harlem River Tenant Association Board and NYCHA staff to plan major upgrades for the developments. We share updates on the project during virtual town hall meetings every four to six weeks. Leading up to each meeting, we post notices around the developments and send letters to all households with information on how to join.

Why is construction happening and how will it affect residents?
Harlem River Houses and Harlem River II need extensive repairs and upgrades. The planned construction work will address health and safety issues and make the developments more enjoyable places to live.

Residents in good standing will NOT be displaced or evicted before, during, or after construction, and apartment rents will be set at 30% of household income. If you currently pay a flat rent, your new rent amount will be phased in over a five year period. We encourage you to reach out to us with questions.

Once construction begins, our team will work with households to address arrears. Until then, we encourage you to contact NYCHA’s property management office for assistance with rent issues.

NYCHA will continue to own the developments once construction begins in summer 2021, and Harlem River Preservation LLC will manage the buildings, facilitate lease signings, address day-to-day maintenance, and provide services to residents.

When will construction begin?
While minor construction work has already begun, including inspections, construction will officially begin in summer 2021. Some emergency repair work will begin in January 2021.

Most work will take place on weekdays (Monday through Friday) between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Before inspecting or completing repairs in an occupied apartment, we will provide written notice to the resident household and work with you to schedule inspections and repairs at a convenient time.

What construction work will occur?
Construction will begin in summer 2021, however you may see personnel completing inspections or emergency repairs before then.

Construction work will include new kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and appliances in all apartment units, sidewalk and façade repairs, new garden plantings, restoration of sculptures and the central fountain, and new playgrounds, benches, and activity spaces. We are also upgrading windows, installing a new building exterior at Harlem River II, providing a laundry facility, and renovating or replacing many electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. We will work with certified contractors on lead abatement issues and follow all HUD and EPA protocols.

Can I stay in my apartment while inspections are happening?
Our team will complete inspections and minor repairs in all apartments over the next 6-8 months. Residents may stay in their apartments or can request a hospitality suite to use during the day while construction staff are working in their units.

As a resident of Harlem River, what do I need to do right now?
Nothing! You may hear or see construction personnel in and around Harlem River Houses and Harlem River II, or see flyers informing you of planned and ongoing work.

In the coming weeks, our staff may contact your household to schedule time to inspect your apartment for needed repairs and upgrades. You do not need to contact anyone to schedule a visit. We will reach out to you.

What is the construction team doing about COVID-19?
All Harlem River Preservation LLC staff are required to wear an identification card, a vest with our logo, and a face covering while working at the developments.

Each staff member must also complete a health questionnaire and sign in at the property management office.

Staff working in occupied apartments must also wear gloves and eye protection. Any personnel who displays symptoms of COVID-19 is sent home immediately.

What should I expect in the next few months?
In the next few months, we may contact you to schedule a time to inspect your apartment unit.
We will also communicate the timing for a resident town hall meeting, which will be accessible over the Internet (on a smartphone, tablet, or computer) or by calling a phone number. Translation will be available for non-English speakers.
Starting in early 2021, our leasing team will contact residents to sign new leases. All residents will have access to legal services if they need assistance understanding their new lease. We will be in touch with more information, including how to access legal resources.


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